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I stopped painting in April 2014.

I began painting in 1972. My first experimentation with oil was so disappointing that I threw the canvas away and decided that I should never try it again. However, after six months, I found another opportunity to give it a go again. This time, I was home alone and had all the time and desire to put all my mind into action, and surprisingly, I realised that I could draw from a picture and paint it on a canvas. Not exactly, but close. That moment was the beginning of my madness. I painted regularly as a hobby until 1992, when I decided to study and practice painting as my new professional career. I studied painting at Florida International University for six months, then moved to Australia and took a graduate course in the visual arts at the University of South Australia. I exhibited my work regularly in Australia, and other countries, such as China, Iran, USA, Germany and Taiwan.

In April 2014 my daughter, Marsha Mehran an international bestseller novelist, died in sickness, solitude, and isolation in Ireland while she was working on her third book. Since then, I ceased to function as an artist all together for more than four years; no painting, no etching, no exhibiting, and not even visiting any art venues.

In about April or May 2018, I began longing for returning to my art of painting and printmaking. Sadly, before I began to set my mind at preparing for painting, another dreadful and disastrous tragedy spread its wings over my life and struck at my already shattered soul. My son Sam Mehran, a marvellous and gifted musician and songwriter died in Los Angeles on the 28 of July 2018, when he was almost 32.  After going through many counselling sessions and continuous family and friends support, I am now getting ready to resume my painting madness once again. At the same time, I am trying to honour and keep the memory, achievements, and legacy of my daughter and my son alive.

In order to function as an artist, however, I need to present my art to the public, my audiences. This is not only because of my desire for sharing or showing off, but also to SELL my work to be able to survive as an artist. Previously, marketing and selling my work were handled by galleries, among them, a couple of prestigious commercial art galleries, which unfortunately both have ceased functioning. While I am not closing the door to any art representation by a serious, sincere and committed art gallery, I feel that handling my own art business through the internet would better suit my present sensitivity. Therefore, I designed this website to be dedicated to my art selling business. I am hoping those who like my work stop by and if they want to buy any work feel confident that work presented here are all genuine and all transactions are secured with their satisfaction 100% guaranteed.  I will work with them all the way to make sure your chosen artworks suit their environment and they are happy with their choices. If you are looking for a painting that represents art, life and culture, you are in the right place.

I am an artist, a writer, website designer, and a father.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for reading my note,

Abbas Mehran

An Extraordinary Opportunity to Support the In-need Cambodian Children

Buy one or ore of the portrait paintings of Cambodian Children to support Geraldine Cox’s humanitarian Cause, for 100% of the price. You pay artist only the delivery charge. Please view the portraits in the Painting Gallery, Cambodian Children’s Portrait section, choose your painting and call me at 0400611376 for more information.

Please view the portrait here



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