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Buy Art Online is an online Art Gallery , presenting artworks by established Iranian Australian Artist Abbas Mehran for sale. Through this website, you can view artworks at your convenience and buy if you like them at significantly reduced prices: No inflated prices, no fees, no commissions, and no delivery cost in Australia. 



A Brief Personal Story

“I began painting in 1972, and continued painting as a hobby until 1992, when I decided to study and practice visual art as my professional career. 

I stopped painting in 2014, and need to restart again!

In April 2014 my daughter, Marsha Mehran an international bestseller novelist, died in sickness, solitude, isolation in Ireland while she was working on her third book. After my trip to Ireland, I visited her house, where she had lived about three months before she died and observed and bitterly learned the most horrifying conditions in which she had passed away. I then attended her funeral, followed by the cremation of her body, the ashes of which, I carried in my backpack to Australia. Since then, I ceased to function as an artist all together for more than four years. Upon return from Ireland and going through a long period of fatherly mourning: sobbing and sobbing and sobbing with grief, guilt, and indignation, I set to finish her unfinished book called The Margaret Thatcher School of Beauty, which was subsequently published in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Italy and USA. Soon after publishing this book, I set to write its sequel manuscript, which presently (August 2018) is under review by my editor. Writing has opened a new path to and a new means of expression and sharing my life experiences, and therefore, has satisfied partially, my spiritual need in engaging in the process of creative endeavours. However, I began longing for returning to my art of painting and printmaking, which had recently been demanding my attention.

Sadly, before I began to set my mind at preparing for painting, another dreadful and disastrous tragedy spread its wings over my life and struck at my already shattered soul. My son Sam Mehran, a marvellous and gifted musician and songwriter died in Los Angeles on the 28 of July 2018, when he was almost 32. While my heart is deeply torn apart in grief and sorrow and my soul cries in pain, my mind is urging me to try and keep the memories and the legacies of my two passed-away children alive; and, and to keep taking care of my other son, Darius Mehran, who is 19 and hopefully has a long life ahead of him. To do this, I do not know other way rather than to continue what I love to do: continue to engage in the madness of painting and writing, hoping, and just hoping that few art-lovers buy and enjoy my art, and few book lovers read and enjoy my books.

To begin, I have designed and developed Buy Art Online website, and I am offering for sales all my available retrospective artworks with significant discount to provide me with some necessary funds for the next phase of my creative endeavour. No reasonable offer will be refused. Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries.”

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